Warm Up This Winter with Bollywood Fitness Dance Class in NY!

If you’re like me, you probably can’t survive winter without complaining – “I feel so cold! Brrr….” – every five minutes. Well, it’s true, some enjoy the cold more than others. Yes, I decidedly am part of the “other” group. Sure, it’s snowing outside, and it’s extremely cold, thanks to the wind chill factor – it gets worse. However, at BollyArts studio, we have no excuse!

“Why?” you ask. Well, it’s because we dance till we drop at the BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY – all year round and, winter is no different! With our expert dance instructors like ZOL, Anil, Sonu, Swarupa and many others, we can assure one thing – you will have a great time at the dance studio learning new moves and dance styles.

Why Choose Bollywood Fitness Classes in Winter?

Winters can be quite dull and boring; most people are stuck indoors. The activity levels go down – and that’s exactly why you need to come to BollyArts – to move, sweat and get going through this chilly season while staying warm and active!

ZOL, our experienced and senior dance instructor leads BollyFit, the ultimate Bollywood fitness classes for adults that make you move to the most electrifying dance moves from Bollywood. You may learn some cool dance move like the one from a famous Bollywood celebrity like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit and so many more! It’s always fun to learn – and oh yes, you are free to go home and flaunt your dance moves in front of your loved ones and tell them you just mastered the famous “Kareena move” or a “Salman Khan” dance step!

At Bolly Arts Dance Studio in NY, we offer a variety of dance classes, so you can choose what you like and enroll as soon as you like. Whether it’s belly dance, salsa, kathak, Bollywood bhangra, Bollywood fitness, yoga, or yogalates – we guarantee you one thing – it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Why the Bollywood Bhangra Class at BollyArts is the Next Big Thing in NY?

Have you ever seen Bollywood movies and the amazing heart pumping dance moves and enthralling music? Have you ever felt like jumping into the TV screen to become part of the awesome dance number to show off your dance moves?! BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY brings to you Bollywood Bhangra dance class that offers the most exciting dance routines!

What’s in the Class?

The Bollywood bhangra dance class incorporates bhangra that originates from Punjab, with some glimpses of Bollywood dance that is exciting, enthralling and colorful! Bollywood Bhangra class is great for everyone and anyone who wants to move to some exciting bhangra music and become active, healthy and fit!

The Bollywood bhangra dance class is a great learning experience for those who want to learn Bollywood bhangra dance as all our classes are led by professional dance instructors who have quite a few accolades to their names!

Fun Dance Routines!

The fast bhangra music gives you an adrenalin rush and adds more energy and excitement to the entire class. The dance routines are choreographed on a smashup of Bollywood songs, hip-hop, pop, and fast paced music. Whether you’re young or old, this dance routine can pump up some energy, help you learn some exciting dance moves, and even prepare you for a dance competition. Also, if you plan to take up a career in dancing, this can give you a good start!

Big Stress Buster!

Dance in general is a big stress buster, and with bhangra dance, it gets even better! Bid farewell to the sedentary, boring, dull and stressful life and dance your way to fitness. You’ll feel more energetic, happy, accomplished and feel better about yourself – and of course, a class means you’ll find others who share similar interests. We’re proud to say that we do not only offer dance classes, but offer you a platform to make new friendships too!

Why Should You Choose BollyArts?

BollyArts dance studio is equipped with the best facilities, including dance costume rentals and other facilities. Also, you get much more than just Bollywood bhangra dance classes! We have professional dance instructors who teach hip hop, ZUMBA, yogalates, Bollywood fitness, kathak and other folk dances too! With so much to offer, BollyArts has become one of the most popular places in NY for dance recitals and classes!

With so many stresses that life throws at you every day, it’s essential to get into an active routine. Dance, work out, exercise and other cardio workouts are what keep us going and BollyArts give us just that – an outlets to bust stress and live a happier, healthier and active life.

A Brief Look at the Types of Classical Dance Forms in India

Out of the many famous dance forms in India, classical dance is long known for the beauty, sensual and dramatic movements that more often than not tell a story. Classical dance is rooted in the country of the Ganges since a few hundred years. Here are some of the most famous classical dance forms in India, some of which are also incorporated in today’s Bollywood dance songs.

  • Bharatanatyam
    One of the oldest dance styles of India, it emerged from the temples and courts of India. Before it was registered as a performing art, women used to dance in temples as service to gods. The male gurus taught women (Devadasi) this form of dancing. The performances were limited to the premises of the temples until it was declared as a performing art. This is now performed widely by both men, women and even young children. The music is extremely rhythmic and the steps require balance and flexibility. This dance form is seen in many Bollywood movies even today, e.g. in a song from the movie Mission 369.
  • Kathakali
    Kathakali, is one of the oldest dance forms in India; originated from Kerala. Formerly, the performers of kathak took up various roles from Hindu mythology, but the dance form has evolved now evolved; today, it involves stage performances that last a couple of hours, unlike before when the performances lasted two parts of the night. The dance form is also story based; performers use hand gestures and facial expressions to tell stories and tales. Also, the dance costumes and makeup of the performers are done with great detail along with accessories. Kathakali requires a lot of training and practice.
  • Kathak
    Kathak was initially just performed by poets in village squares and courtyards. These performances usually narrated tales of Indian mythology through vivid facial expressions and hand gestures. It has dramatic, rhythmic and highly sensual and active movements to portray stories. Today, kathak is taught in many dance studios across the world and is one of the most famous types of Indian classical dance forms. Usually dancers wear long flowy frocks with pajamas (chooridaar) for a typical kathak performance. Kathak dance is seen widely in Bollywood movie songs. E.g. the song Albela Sajan Aayo Re in the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.
  • Mohiniattyam
    This type of classical dance style has its roots in southwestern India. Meaning the dance of the enchantress, the dance form is fascinating in a way that it has graceful movements, beautiful costumes, accessories and hairstyles. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at; performances are quite hypnotic, as the audiences only feel amazed towards the end of it. The swaying movements of the body and eye movements are sensational. Mohiniattyam has expanded over the years as dance gurus have included and introduced many steps into it. Initially it was performed only by females but today, males are equally learning and performing this dance style.

BollyArts dance studio in Hicksville, NY offers regular kathak dance classes in its facility for dance enthusiasts with no age restrictions. All dancers, whether kids or adults are welcome to participate and learn the beautiful classical dances from learned and professional dance instructors.

Dance Keeps Kids Active & Healthy during Winters

Winters are the time when you tend to get lazy and want to snuggle up inside a thick quilt with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or hot chocolate. It is then that you’re likely to put on some unwanted calories and become super lazy and inactive. To do away the winter blues and keep active, it is ideal to jump out of your comfortable couch and hit the dance floor.

Similarly, dance is even more beneficial for kids to keep them active and healthy during winters. Especially growing kids, have a lot of energy that needs to be channelized in the right direction in order to ensure they maintain good social behavior and are able to create healthy bonds with family and peers. Most often, children get restricted to indoors during winters which is why they may get bored and pester parents.

Keep away boredom

Bhangra, salsa, hip-hop, yoga or ZUMBA classes are a great way to keep children and teenagers engaged for a long time. The best thing about dancing is that it’s entertaining, exciting and there is no chance of boredom. It allows children to explore and express their feelings and redirect their energies to a positive and fun activity instead of tussles or fights.

Improved physical and mental health

Dance does not only keep you physically fit but can also help improve memory and promote feelings of happiness, joy and peace. Kids who participate in physical activities are said to be more alert and score high on academic tests. They have stronger bones and muscles, better balance and coordination too. Along with that, engaging in highly active activities like dancing boosts self-confidence, sense of achievement, improved social and cognitive skills as well. It turns out that staying active has multiple health benefits for children and adults alike.

Better relationship with parents and peers

Staying indoors and not staying active harms not only physical and mental health but can also result in poor relationships. Children who engage in activities that require intensive physical exercise and engaging with other people from similar age groups are tend to be happier and enjoy their time with parents, siblings, cousins and mates. They are less cranky, more confident, and more independent.

Dance Classes for Teens and Kids at BollyArts

At BollyArts, we understand how children love to move and tap their feet on entertaining music. Especially in winters, physical activity is important so a performing arts class during winters is the best bet to help them keep active, healthy and happy. Our facility is well equipped with the best amenities and the best instructors who put in all the energy in the class. Whether it’s hip-hop or Bollywood Bhangra, Bollywood fitness or salsa, we’ve got it all for the little ones and their parents too! Come join in the fun; move to the most enthralling and exciting music tunes and party with your kids like no one’s watching.

Private Dance Classes in NY Prepare You to Rock Your Next Event!

Do you want to prepare for your next big event? A wedding? A show? A party? A special event? Whether it’s a wedding, or any other celebration, individual classes in NY at BollyArts can get you in the form and help you rock the dance floor on the special occasion!

Private choreography classes are great for people who feel comfortable practicing individually rather than in groups. This allows them to freely learn, practice and improve their dance skills. Our professional instructors at BollyArts help boost your confidence so you learn to let go and dance still you drop.

What do you learn?

At BollyArts, we offer a variety of choreography lessons; from hip hop to Bhangra and ballet to Kathak for beginners and advanced levels both. We teach you the type of dance style you want to learn from our skilled instructors. Whether it’s a full fledge performance on multiple songs, or a short performance, BollyArts is where you need to go!

A typical private choreography session

Dance lessons are fun sessions where you get to learn new steps from a skilled instructor with years of experience. In every class, you learn a new step, practice the old ones, and learn to infuse different steps to create a mesmerizing performance. The regular practice helps you hone your skills and polish your performance. Our qualified instructors also encourage you to improvise and create your own style that adds a zing to the performance.

Personalized learning experience

While group recitals are also a great option for passionate ballerinas, an instructor cannot always offer complete attention to each participant. Therefore, a one to one class is where you can get individual attention which helps you master the art of a certain performing style. The personalized learning experience is also beneficial for those individuals who are shy or do not perform to full potential in a group setting. A one to one setting also allows the instructor to focus fully on the student and teach the dance enthusiast some of the most amazing party techniques.

Lessons that transform you

Joining a choreography class can transform your skills and style drastically as you to sway on the dance floor under the instruction of expert performers. Also, you get to practice various rave routines that can assist you to choreograph for competitions, solo performances and group performances too. These lessons not only benefit individuals who want to practice for a competition or a party, but also plays a vital role if you take up dancing as a major in your higher studies.

So whether its passion to move to different music notes or you want to rock your next event private choreography classes in NY at BollyArts are nothing but the best thing for you!  Check out our schedule for first couple dances, party technique, skits and short performances for weddings or anniversaries or lessons for beginners. BollyArts is one place that offers everything that is fun, entertaining and exciting!

Role of Dance in Raising Smart Children

Amidst the smarter technologies available today, parents are losing ways and solutions to raise innovative, sharp and shrewd children. Where many believe that exposing children to tablets and smart phones at early ages will help in raising intelligent and tech-savvy children, a number of parents think that introducing their children to non-digital and healthier activities is much more important.

While sports are considered essential for children, enrolling children in dance classes is also a healthier option. Dance might just be an entertainment for children, but it carries many additional benefits that need to be explored. The rest of this article includes some crucial advantages of dance:

Physical Fitness

Keeping a check on children’s physical health is very important part of parenting. It is important to make sure that their children have strong and energetic bodies. While nourishing food is imperative for growth of children, taking part in some sort of physical activity such as various forms of dance, is also significant. Researchers suggest that children who attend dancing classes develop stamina as well as physical strength. The different body movements involved in dance make a child’s body flexible with passage of time. Other than this, dance also helps in improving cardio vascular health.  Many children who are obese and indolent, they must join the centers that conduct dance classes for this will aid them in shedding pounds and fat. Consequently, the children will soon develop better eating habits. Last, but not the least, a physically strong and fit child is smarter than idle and obese children.

Social Activeness

A dancing platform teaches children to interact and socialize with other fellows. When children interact with each other, their communication skills increase. Children get an opportunity to make new friends coming from different backgrounds.

When children become part of such activities, socializing for them at any stage of life becomes easier. They become will no longer fear meeting new people or visiting new places and adapting new culture and environment.  More importantly, these children learn to face different audiences.

Dancing Ensures Ingenuity and Intelligence

Children taking dance lessons and classes are likely to do well in their academics as well.
Besides being confidant, dancing helps children be creative. They become quick thinkers and are able to solve complicated mathematical and puzzling problems at ease.

Self Esteem and Self Control

When children find they have become flexible, they start loving what they do. They begin to realize how important it is to have a control over self. When they have control over their bodies, their self-esteem improves.

The positive aspect of a dance class is the physically impaired children also learn to deal with the emotional and social problems which isn’t possible if they are limited to their rooms.

 Dancing Classes and Lessons for Children

Many dance and arts institutes in USA, in New York (NY) particularly, offer dancing classes that are exclusively for children. These institutes offer specially designed dance courses to children to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing. Children must contact these institutes if they want to enjoy all the benefits.

Dance Lovers Unite – Dance Classes in NY for All

Have you ever suddenly noticed yourself moving your feet to a music beat as soon as you hear it? Do you love to dance? Have you found yourself dancing around your home on random occasions? Have you always the one to host dance parties? If yes, then BollyArts has some amazing offers for you!

If you’re a dance lover and want to learn new and fresh dance steps and styles, then BollyArts Dance Studio in NY is the place to be! Here’s what’s great about taking dance classes at BollyArts:

1. Professional Dancers under One Roof

When you join the dance classes at BollyArts, you take classes that are led by dance professionals who have buckets of dance experience from around the world. They are skilled dancers who have been through rigorous training and have won accolades and dance competitions in different continents. So you get trained by the best and can strengthen your love for dance even more or may be even become a professional yourself!

2. Variety of Dance Classes

Whether you are interested in Kathak, Hi-Hop, Salsa, Bollywood, Bhangra or party technique, we’ve got it all for you! You can choose from a variety of dance classes and get your booty moving on exciting music beats from across the world.

3. Fitness and Fun

The BollyArts studio not only offers dance classes for fun and for the love of dance, but for fitness too! The more you dance, the fitter you are and get a toned body that is sure to make you feel great about yourself! Bollywood fitness classes, a great combination of fitness and fun, with cardio and upbeat music, are the way to go for dance lovers!

4. Adults and Kids Dance Together

Do you love dance but don’t want to join a class because you’re a parent of a little one? Then worry not, because BollyArts offers dance classes where parents and kids dance together on fun and exciting music beats. This is also a great way to bond with your little one and spend time together. So you get double benefit – do what you love and have your kids involved in it too!

5. Professional Training

If you think you have the knack for it and want to become a professional dancer, the dance classes at BollyArts class are the best option for you. These classes do not only help you learn new steps, but also help you learn the attitude, aptitude and the energy you need to become a professional dancer.

So dance lovers unite! BollyArts offers classes for adults and kids, young and old – there’s only one thing we require from you – the love for dance and fun!

BOLLYARTS Dance Summer Special for Kids & Teens

Two months of summer can be like two years, unless you spend it vacationing. While many families do head out and make vacation plans for summer every year, many plan to stay home.  BollyArts Dance Studio in NY offers dance classes for all the little ones and teenagers so they can get busy and keep healthy during the summers.

What’s in the Dance Summer Special Classes?

The BollyArts Summer Special for Kids and Teens is designed to help children keep fit, kick away stress and keep them engaged in different dance activities. The 8 week program offers dance classes of 3 different genres; Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and Bhangra. The variety of dance classes are offered to keep the kids interested with variety.

Bollywood DanceBollywood dance class is all about colorful music and upbeat dance steps with a hint of Bhangra, hip-hop, salsa and a few other dance genres around the globe to create a well blended Bollywood dance style.  Dancing the Bollywood way and learning new dance techniques keeps you fit and healthy throughout the summer. Our expert Bollywood dancers at BollyArts are all set to lead the dance classes for teens and kids and teach them new and exciting dance steps.

Bhangra DanceBhangra dance, the ultimate folk dance style from India is one with the most amazing tunes and traditional dance steps that keep you going on the dance stage. It’s a great cardio exercise too so is a great way to keep the kids active and energetic. Another great thing about Bollywood Bhangra is that there is zero chance of boredom in it; there’s a lot of room to improvise!

Hip-Hop DanceHip-hop is a world famous dance style originating from the narrow streets of New York City. The students in this class learn the art of popping, locking and break dancing. This style is a favorite amongst teens and kids who have love for great music and dance.

Come Join the 8-Week Summer Special – 1 Class a Week for $99 ONLY for the ENTIRE SUMMER!

The Dance Summer Special for Teens and Kids is all about fun, entertainment and a lot of excitement! The dance class is all fun for 8 long weeks, from July 6th, 2014 to August 30th 2014. Here are the details:

1 Class a Week for $99 USD ONLY! Or 2 or More Classes for $199 USD ONLY!  

Register for the Summer Special Dance Class today for a super speedy and awesome summer! Call us today at Office: 516-933-2787 or Cell: 516-343-9400 for further registration details.

So are you ready for some fun and excitement?

Dance Till You Drop – BollyArts’ Three Day Drop-in Dance Class as Low as 30 DOLLARS!

Three Day Drop-in Dance ClassDance is pleasurable. it’s exciting and yes, it’s colorful.

The best thing about dance is it frees you from the nerve-wracking stresses that you sometimes face, and keeps you healthy too. Dance has various physical and mental benefits; it keeps the lungs and liver healthy, improves metabolism and balance, increases your energy levels and keeps depression and other conditions away.

Bollywood Dance – Colorful and Energetic

You love dance, and like to move to the most upbeat music tunes from various music genres; from Bollywood bhangra to Hollywood hip-hop – that’s exactly why BollyArts Dance Studio, with the help of Groupon.com, offers you to drop in for three days in any of the dance classes that are offered at the BollyArts studio!

Bollywood dance is full of colors, vitality and energy. The amazing combination of music tunes that merge together in a Bollywood dance tune keep you on your toes for as long as you can maintain your balance and dance away!

Drop-in Dance Class for Kids and Adults!

Therefore, whether you’re 5 or 50 years old, a pro or new at dancing, nothing should stop you from letting yourself loose on the dance floor. The Drop-in Dance class pass has made raves at the groupon.com website and is available for those who have a passion for dancing.

The drop-in three day dance class is just perfect! You get to dance under the supervision of professional dancers and learn new dance steps and techniques for just half the price than usual – you get to dance in three classes for $30 instead of 60$!

Dance till You Drop!

BollyArts studio offers a range of dance classes from Kathak and bhangra to yoga and Bollywood fitness where it’s all about keeping your body toned and looking great.

Join a Bollywood dance class in NY to let your body loose to the amazing and electrifying tunes of Bollywood music and dance till you drop! Find your favorite dance class and drop-in for three classes if you’ve purchased the discount coupon from Groupon.com. It’s for kids and adults both, so it’s even better! Come in with your parents or children, friends or relatives, and dance to the fullest!

Why BollyArts?

BollyArts brings to you Bollywood dance classes for students and the rest in NY who haven’t experienced the thrill of Bollywood dance. The dance studio here is well equipped and has modern facilities for dancers and students. With column-less dance rooms, air conditioned and insulated studios, fresh shower rooms, along with the costume and jewelry rental facilities; BollyArts is a one stop shop for passionate dancers and dance lovers.

So do you want to dance the Bollywood way? I think I do, very much!

Join the Bollywood Dance Class in NY and Feel Fantastic

Dance is fun and there’s not a single soul who doesn’t enjoy dancing. For some, dance is spiritually uplifting, while some dance to release stress, burn some unwanted calories and feel fantastic! A dance class can offer much of all the above, fun, excitement, and yes, weight loss too!

Bollywood dance originates from the Indian film industry, where dance is an integral part of movies. In some films, a special Bollywood dance is also put in for excitement, by celebrities who appear in the dance number for excitement and fun.

It gives students and opportunity to learn and practice Bollywood dance steps in a fun, learning and exciting way. The music and songs of Bollywood are a seamless combination of bhangra, hip-hop, and folk music with a slight touch of other types of dances that originate from different parts of India, like Kathak and Folk dance.

Not Your Ordinary Dance Class!

At BollyArts studio, it is not just something ordinary, it’s a place where different souls come together to share their passion of dancing. Our experienced dancers can teach and train you in different dance styles that originate from different parts of the world, especially India. It is full of Bollywood colors – fun, vibrant, exciting and the one that gives you an adrenalin rush!

Fit for All!

When you hit the dance floor, you don’t only let your body loose to the amazing and distinct Bollywood tunes, but you also shed unwanted devilish calories and get into shape. Our classes are available for both young and old – because dance knows no age! Moreover, who doesn’t want to stay healthy and happy? Nobody! So, taking dance lessons no matter you bad in shape you are is the perfect window to throw away all the stress, extra pounds, and loneliness too! It keeps you healthy, happy, active and fit!

Where You Learn to Stay Positive!

Dance is one of those performing arts that don’t require stringent steps, all it requires the dancer is to move his or her body freely with the dance tunes. Dance allows creativity, openness to new and innovative dance steps and lets the dancer move into a different paradigm, away from every day stress, relaxes muscles, fastens metabolism and shuns the negativity out of the body. Taking Bollywood dance classes can help you stay positive, and consequently have a happier and better personal and professional life.

When you join the BollyArts for dance classes in New York, you meet other dancers, make new friends, share experiences; learn, laugh, love and feel fabulous and fantastic about your and others life too! BollyArts’ Bollywood dance classes are the place to be, where you move and shake your body to the captivating tunes and feel fantastic!