Indian Classical Dance (Kathak)

Kathak is one of the classical dances styles that have its roots in India. This type of dance usually tells a story or instance. The combination of mesmerizing music tunes, slow and high pitched, and the movement of hands, is the essence of Kathak style dance. Kathak dancers move to rhythmic tunes as it is a very controlled and harmonized dance style.

BollyArts Dance Studio acknowledges and promotes dance styles from various cultures, and provides a platform to passionate dancers to learn from the many dance types that are being offered. At Bolly Arts, Dr. Swarupa Rao is an expert at Kathak and is part of the BollyArts family for the past several years.

BollyArts is proud to have such a prestigious name on board to teach students one of the most beautiful and graceful dance styles, Kathak. At Bolly Arts, you learn the amazing techniques of Kathak dance, and learn to move aptly with the beautiful dance tunes. Students also learn the famous spin move that is one of the highlights of this dance type.

BollyArts welcomes students who want to learn dance and dream about becoming professional dancers who want to perform in front of live audience in dance competitions and shows some day. Come join the dance class and move to the most traditional Bollywood tunes. Learn a new way of dancing, and find happiness, as you grow with the dance, and fall in love with the beauty of it.

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