About Us

Founder BollyArts


In 2006, Bollywood Performing Arts, more commonly known as BollyArts, was founded by Sunita Sadhnani as a Performing Arts school based in Long Island, New York. Upon opening, the institution’s sole intention was to provide the ultimate Bollywood experience. Our dancing, till date, unites the most vivid and electrifying moves from both eastern and western societies. From the very beginning, we have been granting our students with opportunities to perform all over the tri-state area for a variety of platforms. One fact our dancers, our students, our clients never forget is that BollyArts is home; the Hicksville location of BollyArts is the first Bollywood dance school in New York with its own facility.


Sunita Sadhnani, the creative director and founder of BollyArts, is a well-accomplished entrepreneur who successfully brought the culture of Bollywood to New York. Having completed her Graduate studies in Kathak Dance and Classical Music in India, Sunita decided to share her extensive knowledge in the United States. Teaching Kathak & Semi-Classical Dance for over 10 years, Sunita’s passion and ardor for the Performing Arts resulted in the establishment of the BollyArts Company. With her determination and incredible work ethic, Sunita has created alliances and made connections that allow her to seek new opportunities for all those a part of the BollyArts family. With her newfound popularity and recognition, Sunita continues to serve the community and strive for success.