Bollywood Fitness Classes

This power class is where fitness and the fun from Bollywood dance come together to keep you fit, healthy and happy! This dance class is all about fun and exciting dance numbers and exercise. A perfect combination to keep you energetic, excited and lose weight, the Bollywood fitness class is the place to be at BollyArts dance studio.

This full-of-energy class is for all age groups, because keeping fit is important for all. This means whether you’re 17 or 67 years old, you can join this fitness class without any second thoughts. Going for an individual cardio workout may become boring with the passage of time, but a dance class at BollyArts can be exciting and fun for a long time. In this dance plus fitness session, our experienced dancer takes you on a journey of Bollywood dance steps and numbers. Essentially, this class focuses on strength training and muscle training for fitness freaks who want to burn those unwanted calories the fun way!

The 60 minutes of cardio, muscle training and strength training workout can take your pulse rate to great highs and accelerates weight loss, so you follow a tough yet fun dance-exercise routine in this class. It’s flexible and changes frequently to prevent students from getting tired dancing to the same steps. Teachers introduce fresh, new and exciting dance steps often which means, you learn new steps and learn to perfect them with assistance from them.

This class is a great place to; have fun, get fit and make friends too. The moment you enter the studio, you meet similar people who have a passion to dance, get fit and improve their wellbeing. The Bollywood fitness class is a great place to socialize too; the networking gives your self confidence a great boost while keeps you motivated to beat your own fitness goal.

Come join the fun at BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville! Call us today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to register for a Bollywood Fitness class to make your weight loss journey fun, joyous, and awesome!