Our Programs

At BollyArts we offer different programs to cater to various needs of our clients. Each of our programs is for dance lovers. The amazing thing about BollyArts is that whether you want private dance lessons, want to shed those calories or prepare for a jaw-dropping dance performance at a special occasion, everything can be found here!

BollyArts brings the fun and fervor from Bollywood music that has deep roots in India. The diversity of Bollywood can be seen in the various programs we offer at our dance studio. At BollyArts you have the liberty to blend American Hip-Hop with traditional Bollywood songs and create beautiful dance steps. While our professionals are here to teach you to dance to the rhythm, you can totally improvise and create your own fun and flavor in your dance program.

These programs are designed for all ages; children and adults alike. So, there’s nothing to worry about if you want to dance, lose those unwanted pounds or just explore your love for dancing, we offer all of it at BollyArts.


Who said it’s only about dancing? We love to dance and keep fit! Zol, our qualified fitness instructor guides you through a 60—minute exercise routine on fun and fast Bollywood tunes that can get your body moving. Say goodbye to those invisible devils called calories and say hello to the Bollywood Fitness Program for a happy and healthy lifestyle Read More..


BollyArts offers private dance classes for those who are unable to make time for the regular scheduled group dance classes. These private choreography classes are great for those who want to learn a specific dance routine individually.

Private dance lessons are great for group dance practices for weddings and other special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary or a private party, you can count on BollyArts private dance classes to make you delighted as you learn the perfectly amazing dance steps!