Dance Party Techniques

At BollyArts Dance Studio, we offer a wide variety of classes for dance lovers who want to learn different dance techniques that work great for performances at special occasions and events. This class is a light and free moving dance class where you learn tips and tricks from different dance types around the world.

This is for adults and teens who want to learn to gear up for their parties and dance to the upbeat and exciting moves from Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood dance and so many more! This class is fun for everyone as it is not too rigorous and introduces you to various types of dances from different cultures.

This class is fun, light and well liked amongst young adults. This dance class is solely for the purpose of having fun and learning new ways of dancing. This style prepares you for the next big event such as a wedding or a dance for a special someone. You can join the class with your friends and do the crazy dance moves on the most exciting and colorful dance numbers that make raves in Bollywood.

With our expert teachers, you are sure to make head turns and make your audience give you a standing ovation for an outstanding dance performance once you hit the dance floor. You can bring your friends and family to learn different dances, tips and tricks at BollyArts. Dance, have fun and get your body moving to those crazy music beats.

You can also hire Bollywood dancers who can teach you various party techniques at your home and choreograph awesome dances for you that you can perform at a special event. You will need only 4 recitals or so to prepare you for a jaw dropping sensational dance!

Register today to learn various Party Techniques! Ring us at 516-933-2787 for details and become part of the BollyArts studio in New York.