Warm Up This Winter with Bollywood Fitness Dance Class in NY!

Warm Up This Winter with Bollywood Fitness Dance Class in NY!

If you’re like me, you probably can’t survive winter without complaining – “I feel so cold! Brrr….” – every five minutes. Well, it’s true, some enjoy the cold more than others. Yes, I decidedly am part of the “other” group. … Continue reading

4 Electrifying Bollywood Songs to Shake off All the Ghouls This Halloween!


At Bolly Arts, we’re all really excited about Halloween! Every year, it’s a time to mix up some Bollywood music with some electrifying and spooky dance moves and make our studio the perfect place for a Halloween dance party – … Continue reading

5 Travel Destinations for Dance Lovers


Dance is a beautiful form of expressing your feelings, emotions and mood. It’s a universal language that speaks of love, happiness and unites cultures and countries. If you’re a dance enthusiast or someone who wants to learn about dancing, then … Continue reading

Bollywood Divas and Their Best Kept Fitness Secrets Revealed!

Bollywood Divas

It’s not just the actors at Bollywood who love to spend hours in the gym to stay fit, but it’s the actresses too! Just like their male counterparts, Bollywood divas take personal fitness very seriously and stick to a strict … Continue reading

Add Some Masala – Hire Bollywood Dancers for a Fiery NY Wedding

Bollywood Dancers

Weddings are all about, fun, dance and celebrating your special day with your loved ones! To add an extra flavor to all the wedding festivities, hire Bollywood dancers in NY! And why shouldn’t you? Bollywood dancers are truly trained to … Continue reading

Why the Bollywood Bhangra Class at BollyArts is the Next Big Thing in NY?


Have you ever seen Bollywood movies and the amazing heart pumping dance moves and enthralling music? Have you ever felt like jumping into the TV screen to become part of the awesome dance number to show off your dance moves?! … Continue reading

Bollywood’s Hottest Dance Divas Through the Ages


When you hear the word Bollywood, you instantly thing of vibrant clothes, flamboyant set ups, exaggerated gestures and reactions, and the ultimate dance moves and songs! From black and white years to the digital age of fusion music and item … Continue reading

A Brief Look at the Types of Classical Dance Forms in India


Out of the many famous dance forms in India, classical dance is long known for the beauty, sensual and dramatic movements that more often than not tell a story. Classical dance is rooted in the country of the Ganges since … Continue reading

Dance Keeps Kids Active & Healthy during Winters

Dance Keeps Kids Active

Winters are the time when you tend to get lazy and want to snuggle up inside a thick quilt with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or hot chocolate. It is then that you’re likely to put on some unwanted … Continue reading

From Hip-Hop to Bollywood – 10 Amazing Dance Styles Around the Globe

From Hip-Hop to Bollywood

Dance is a language that needs no words. People around the world use it as an expression of happiness, grieving, excitement, depression, romance, energy and more. The expression of different feelings and emotions through dance can be found across countries, … Continue reading