Cardio Dance Workout Classes

Cardio dance workout is a full body workout that pleasantly combines fitness and fun. It’s a great way to burn some calories while moving your hips to some upbeat hip hop tunes. The tunes from our collection of amazing dance numbers can increase your heartbeat and give you an adrenalin rush.

This energy building dance and exercise class focuses on strength training and muscle training. It includes a warm up session before the intense workout, to reduce the chances of injuries. Our professional Bollywood fitness dancers who lead these dance lessons in the NY studio are fit and qualified who can help you achieve your fitness goals. Dance to the electrifying Bollywood moves merged with aerobics on the most upbeat collection of music from different genres like hip hop, pop and Bollywood.

BollyArts Dance Studio also offers private dance classes in NY or you can get dancers on rent for your individual cardio practice. However, our group sessions are fun and full of energy. These exciting dance sessions at the studio keep you motivated for longer since you get intermingle with people from different backgrounds with similar goals.

Find your dance and weight loss inspiration at the BollyArts Studio in NY! Workout in our instructor-led cardio class and tone your muscles and body to keep healthy and fit. This is for all ages, especially for those who want to stay strong young for long. The group dance exercises are very beneficial as you lose weight and learn new dance steps from world class dancers in NY.

Call today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to register for Cardio Dance Workout sessions or join Bollywood dance lessons at BollyArts Studio in Hicksville, New York.