Join the Bollywood Dance Class in NY and Feel Fantastic

Dance is fun and there’s not a single soul who doesn’t enjoy dancing. For some, dance is spiritually uplifting, while some dance to release stress, burn some unwanted calories and feel fantastic! A dance class can offer much of all the above, fun, excitement, and yes, weight loss too!

Bollywood dance originates from the Indian film industry, where dance is an integral part of movies. In some films, a special Bollywood dance is also put in for excitement, by celebrities who appear in the dance number for excitement and fun.

It gives students and opportunity to learn and practice Bollywood dance steps in a fun, learning and exciting way. The music and songs of Bollywood are a seamless combination of bhangra, hip-hop, and folk music with a slight touch of other types of dances that originate from different parts of India, like Kathak and Folk dance.

Not Your Ordinary Dance Class!

At BollyArts studio, it is not just something ordinary, it’s a place where different souls come together to share their passion of dancing. Our experienced dancers can teach and train you in different dance styles that originate from different parts of the world, especially India. It is full of Bollywood colors – fun, vibrant, exciting and the one that gives you an adrenalin rush!

Fit for All!

When you hit the dance floor, you don’t only let your body loose to the amazing and distinct Bollywood tunes, but you also shed unwanted devilish calories and get into shape. Our classes are available for both young and old – because dance knows no age! Moreover, who doesn’t want to stay healthy and happy? Nobody! So, taking dance lessons no matter you bad in shape you are is the perfect window to throw away all the stress, extra pounds, and loneliness too! It keeps you healthy, happy, active and fit!

Where You Learn to Stay Positive!

Dance is one of those performing arts that don’t require stringent steps, all it requires the dancer is to move his or her body freely with the dance tunes. Dance allows creativity, openness to new and innovative dance steps and lets the dancer move into a different paradigm, away from every day stress, relaxes muscles, fastens metabolism and shuns the negativity out of the body. Taking Bollywood dance classes can help you stay positive, and consequently have a happier and better personal and professional life.

When you join the BollyArts for dance classes in New York, you meet other dancers, make new friends, share experiences; learn, laugh, love and feel fabulous and fantastic about your and others life too! BollyArts’ Bollywood dance classes are the place to be, where you move and shake your body to the captivating tunes and feel fantastic!