4 Electrifying Bollywood Songs to Shake off All the Ghouls This Halloween!

At Bolly Arts, we’re all really excited about Halloween! Every year, it’s a time to mix up some Bollywood music with some electrifying and spooky dance moves and make our studio the perfect place for a Halloween dance party – but of course – with an Indian touch.

Bollywood is known for colors, excitement, drama and – music. Yes, there is no Bollywood movie that is complete without dramatic dialogues, and electrifying music! While Bollywood has quite a lot of romantic songs, that go well with the drama and music, it in no way lacks the horrific soundtracks from some scary Bollywood movies that can give you the creeps! Check out some haunting Bollywood melodies here that are perfect for a BOLLYWEEN dance party!

1. Naina Barse Rimjhim

This is a song from the classic black and white movie Wo Kaun thi? (Who Was She?), released in 1964. This song works as the perfect number for a Bollywood Halloween party as it includes creepy music, made more haunting with the sound of wind. The plot of the movie is bone-chilling; the song starts as soon as the actor sees the actress in the cemetery, who is clad in a white sari. Add this spine-chilling number to your bollyween dance party for some extra thrill!

2. Gumnaam Hai Koi

This 1965 horror flick, ¬Gumnaam (Anonymous), can easily make the top favorites for Bollywood Halloween dance party! With some spooky soundtrack and a full of fear tune, the haunting track can give you jitters! Leaving you clenched tightly on to your blanket in the dark! This can work as a perfect song for a spooky Bollywood party this year on Halloween. Just get your Halloween costumes ready!

3. Kitnay Savan Baras Gaye

This deadly song has the famous Dimple Kapadia as the evil spirit haunting the actor Mithun Chakorbaty. This can work as a great song for a scary Bollywood dance this Halloween! Don’t let the scary song make you stay inside your duvet, it’s the perfect time to flaunt your dance skills and make this Halloween very very Bollywood!

4. Kaheen Deep Chalay Kahin Dil

The song has an alaap by Lata Mangeshkar in her mesmerizing voice, which works as the perfect recipe to create a spooky and horror feel. You’ll surely get some goosebumps – and so will the guests at your Halloween party!

At Bolly Arts, we have the most sought after dance instructors who can help you pull of a great theme party! Whether it’s a Bollywood party on Halloween or you need some private choreography for a special event, we’re here to help you! Make your dance parties fun by learning new dance steps on different kinds of music from Bollywood… and yes, these creepy songs from Indian movies are surely going to shake off the ghouls!