Dance Till You Drop – BollyArts’ Three Day Drop-in Dance Class as Low as 30 DOLLARS!

Three Day Drop-in Dance ClassDance is pleasurable. it’s exciting and yes, it’s colorful.

The best thing about dance is it frees you from the nerve-wracking stresses that you sometimes face, and keeps you healthy too. Dance has various physical and mental benefits; it keeps the lungs and liver healthy, improves metabolism and balance, increases your energy levels and keeps depression and other conditions away.

Bollywood Dance – Colorful and Energetic

You love dance, and like to move to the most upbeat music tunes from various music genres; from Bollywood bhangra to Hollywood hip-hop – that’s exactly why BollyArts Dance Studio, with the help of, offers you to drop in for three days in any of the dance classes that are offered at the BollyArts studio!

Bollywood dance is full of colors, vitality and energy. The amazing combination of music tunes that merge together in a Bollywood dance tune keep you on your toes for as long as you can maintain your balance and dance away!

Drop-in Dance Class for Kids and Adults!

Therefore, whether you’re 5 or 50 years old, a pro or new at dancing, nothing should stop you from letting yourself loose on the dance floor. The Drop-in Dance class pass has made raves at the website and is available for those who have a passion for dancing.

The drop-in three day dance class is just perfect! You get to dance under the supervision of professional dancers and learn new dance steps and techniques for just half the price than usual – you get to dance in three classes for $30 instead of 60$!

Dance till You Drop!

BollyArts studio offers a range of dance classes from Kathak and bhangra to yoga and Bollywood fitness where it’s all about keeping your body toned and looking great.

Join a Bollywood dance class in NY to let your body loose to the amazing and electrifying tunes of Bollywood music and dance till you drop! Find your favorite dance class and drop-in for three classes if you’ve purchased the discount coupon from It’s for kids and adults both, so it’s even better! Come in with your parents or children, friends or relatives, and dance to the fullest!

Why BollyArts?

BollyArts brings to you Bollywood dance classes for students and the rest in NY who haven’t experienced the thrill of Bollywood dance. The dance studio here is well equipped and has modern facilities for dancers and students. With column-less dance rooms, air conditioned and insulated studios, fresh shower rooms, along with the costume and jewelry rental facilities; BollyArts is a one stop shop for passionate dancers and dance lovers.

So do you want to dance the Bollywood way? I think I do, very much!