BollyArts Private Choreography Student Wins the Ms. Teen India Award!

BollyArts Private Choreography StudentWith every accomplishment added to the BollyArts name, we feel honored, excited and elated! Recently, our private choreography student, Karishma Malhotra, won the Ms Teen India New York 2014 Award! The award comes after thorough and successful private choreography classes under the instructorship of Zol, BollyArts’ highly acclaimed dance teacher!

With years of experience on his sleeves and some outstanding international dance performances, Zol has been sharing his dance knowledge and expertise with BollyArts to dance students. This is not the first achievement for Zol, but a part of a long string of accolades in his career as a dancing instructor that his student has fetched an award.

Karishma Malhotra is one of the most talented students BollyArts has ever seen; her two awards for Miss Talented and Ms. Teen India New York 2014, say it all! Karishma took private choreography classes from Zol who guided her each step of the way to learn, practice and strive to get better at dancing.

The private dance lessons at BollyArts are highly sought after and created to meet your specialized needs. From one to one dance practice sessions, learning party technique, your first couple dance, or just one dance style that you want to learn, BollyArts offers it all.

Here’s what Karishma’s mother has to say about Zol, the dance expert and his dance lessons:

Zol Thank you so much for allll your efforts!! She won the title and moreover
she also won the Miss Talented since her dance was the best!!!
Thank u so much again…We both really appreciate your help!!!!

The amazing feedback from Karishma’s mother gives us the surety that at BollyArts, we have the best teachers who have all the ability to bring out the best in you! Our goal is to spread the passion of dance across continents and teach this beautiful art to all dance enthusiasts!

BollyArts not only hold dance sessions, but also offers a huge variety of dance costume rentals for students of Bhangra and Belly Dance. We also offer Bollywood fitness classes for adults and children, because we believe Bollywood is bigger than just music, it is a whole institution that helps you perfect your dance skills and every times gives us something to learn that is fresh, new and innovative!

From hip-hop to Bhangra, and Belly Dance to Kathak, we’ve got it all at the BollyArts Studio in New York! With this amazing achievement of our Private Choreography students, we assure you this is one of the many that are to come in the future! Here’s to Karishma, the talented teen, Zol the expert dance instructor, and all the BollyArts fans for the support for making it one of the top favorite dance studios in New York! Cheers!

Do you want to see yourself on the pendulum with a crown? Join the BollyArts dance classes today! For more details, get in touch with us through the contact tab! See you on the dance floor!

5 Things to Learn from Top Dancers of Bollywood

Bollywood is known for its vitality, energy, upbeat music and all things fun. The same goes for Bollywood dancers; they’re zealous, reflect positive energy and are full of life and give jaw-dropping performances on stage dancing on the most exciting dance numbers that give you an adrenalin rush!

1. Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood’s heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan, gives his two cents on dance performances that amateurs and aspiring dancers can surely find useful.  With effortless complex dance moves, to amazing facial expressions, Hrithik always steals the show on stage! According to him, the best performance comes when you fully sink yourself into the role or character and dance with all your heart, without losing your own personal style.

2. Salman Khan

Famous for his improvised and amazing dance moves, Salman Khan is the godfather of dance who brings positive vibes, energy and zeal to the dance floor. There are definitely a few things budding dancers can learn from him! According to Salman, for the best dance performance, you have got to focus on music and not miss a single beat, and above all, dance with your soul!

3. Madhuri Dixit

The Bollywood dance diva, Madhuri, brings hot and sizzling moves to the dance floors that are a class of their own! Her flawless dance moves have always been enthralling and an absolute treat for aspiring dancers and fans. One thing that every dance lover can learn from this dance diva is to perform with grace.

4. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid’s versatile characters have always amused fans and his drop dead gorgeous smile has always mesmerized young female fans. He is a great actor and an even better dancer! Aspiring dancers can surely take some two cents from Shahid’s dancing skills – versatility, energy and the perfect expressions to match the mood of the Bollywood dance number!

5. Prabhu Deva

This Bollywood icon is known as India’s Michael Jackson, and rightly so! He has brought energy and new dance techniques and steps to the Bollywood dance floor. His dance skills are unique and enticing; he is a great institution for anyone who wants to learn a combination of dance styles and stand out as a professional dancer.

Bollywood has been home to amazing dancers throughout its age. At BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville NY, we inspire dance lovers through various dance lessons! All dance classes are led by professional dancers who bring years of experience to the dance floor and pump up and teach dance enthusiasts some amazing Bollywood dance and other styles of dancing.

Bollywood Fitness Class- Where Fitness and Fun Come Together!

Ever thought fitness and fun could happen together? Most people find fitness classes to be hectic and boring which is why they discontinue lessons after a short while. Unlike your usual fitness class, BollyArts Dance Studio offers exciting Bollywood fitness classes that not only keep you fit, but are fun too, thanks to the amazing set of dance numbers!

What’s Different at BollyArts Studio in NY?

While most people go to a fitness class that is all cardio with rigorous workout regimes and instructors that are tough on you, the atmosphere at BollyArts is something that out of the ordinary.  You don’t get to experience an ordinary fitness class but something that is fun, motivating and keeps you going to get fitter and better while dancing to the most upbeat music tunes from Bollywood.

What’s in a Bollywood Fitness Class?

The Bollywood fitness class is for both adults and children that combines elements from; cardio, aerobics and yoga in the dance techniques. The dance steps on the exciting Bollywood dance numbers blend with a balance of workout that keeps you fit and happy. The fitness curriculum is designed to keep a healthy interval between dance workouts to encourage participants to continue the classes for longer periods. You not only have fun dancing but also shed some unwanted calories. It’s just the perfect balance of fitness and fun; what more can we say?! The energy in the class is infectious!

ZUMBA Dance Lessons for Fitness

ZUMBA dance is a complete body workout that keeps you on your toes while making you lose some weight. ZUMBA brings together music tunes from across different genres and continents which makes it even more enthralling! The dynamic choreography and intense total body workout in the ZUMBA fitness class keeps you coming back for more lessons.

Lessons from Dance Pros

The BollyArts dance lesson is no ordinary group dance class that you find at many places. When you enter the studio, you’re under the supervision of professional dancers who have years of experience on the dance floor, plenty of accolades on their sleeves and handful of tutorial classes to be proud of. You learn new dance steps, music tunes, and learn how to improvise and create your own moves and let loose – it’s all about going all out and dancing with your soul.

BollyArts is proud to offer group dance classes and private dance classes in NY for everyone who is all geared up to move their booty to the exciting tunes of Bollywood songs and get the party going!

Dance Lovers Unite – Dance Classes in NY for All

Have you ever suddenly noticed yourself moving your feet to a music beat as soon as you hear it? Do you love to dance? Have you found yourself dancing around your home on random occasions? Have you always the one to host dance parties? If yes, then BollyArts has some amazing offers for you!

If you’re a dance lover and want to learn new and fresh dance steps and styles, then BollyArts Dance Studio in NY is the place to be! Here’s what’s great about taking dance classes at BollyArts:

1. Professional Dancers under One Roof

When you join the dance classes at BollyArts, you take classes that are led by dance professionals who have buckets of dance experience from around the world. They are skilled dancers who have been through rigorous training and have won accolades and dance competitions in different continents. So you get trained by the best and can strengthen your love for dance even more or may be even become a professional yourself!

2. Variety of Dance Classes

Whether you are interested in Kathak, Hi-Hop, Salsa, Bollywood, Bhangra or party technique, we’ve got it all for you! You can choose from a variety of dance classes and get your booty moving on exciting music beats from across the world.

3. Fitness and Fun

The BollyArts studio not only offers dance classes for fun and for the love of dance, but for fitness too! The more you dance, the fitter you are and get a toned body that is sure to make you feel great about yourself! Bollywood fitness classes, a great combination of fitness and fun, with cardio and upbeat music, are the way to go for dance lovers!

4. Adults and Kids Dance Together

Do you love dance but don’t want to join a class because you’re a parent of a little one? Then worry not, because BollyArts offers dance classes where parents and kids dance together on fun and exciting music beats. This is also a great way to bond with your little one and spend time together. So you get double benefit – do what you love and have your kids involved in it too!

5. Professional Training

If you think you have the knack for it and want to become a professional dancer, the dance classes at BollyArts class are the best option for you. These classes do not only help you learn new steps, but also help you learn the attitude, aptitude and the energy you need to become a professional dancer.

So dance lovers unite! BollyArts offers classes for adults and kids, young and old – there’s only one thing we require from you – the love for dance and fun!

Bollywood Dancers Make Your Indian Style Wedding the Talk of the Town!

Indian style weddings are becoming ever so popular because of their element of vibrant colors, upbeat music from Bollywood, fancy traditional dresses and most of all, the amazing dance steps and numbers from Bollywood.

The fast catching Indian style wedding trend has made couples hire professional Bollywood dancers for their wedding to add color, flavor, excitement and entertainment to their special day. So why do people love all of this exuberance? The answer is simple: it’s fun, it’s colorful and it’s absolutely entertaining!

At BollyArts studio in Hicksville, NY, you can learn amazing Bollywood dance steps for your special day. The studio also offers group classes that are led by dance professionals that you choose. There are many dance styles from Bollywood to Bhangra and classical to hip-hop or a blend of different dance styles to choose from to give your wedding event an extra bit of vitality!

Bollywood Dancers Add Zing to Your Wedding!

While it’s true an Indian wedding does have Bollywood music, dresses, ornaments and other elements that make it beautiful as a whole with dance too, but hiring Bollywood dancers can take the entertainment level of your wedding a notch up! Professional dancers know a variety of dance steps and bring energy into a performance so if you plan to hire Bollywood dancers for your wedding, you don’t need to give it any second thoughts; it is sure to make your event a big hit – your guests will love the performance!

Group Dance Classes at BollyArts Studio NY

While you can also invite these dancers to perform at your big event, you can also take group dance classes at the BollyArts studio in NY from these dancers who bring years of experience to the dance floor. Take group dance sessions from these professionals, and let their tutorials shed light in your awesome performance on your special day.

A Memorable Day for You and Your Guests

Weddings can be quite plain and uninteresting for guests if there isn’t an element of surprise and excitement. Bollywood dancers can surely bring some excitement and surprise at your wedding and make all your guests and you happy and entertained. They can provide endless hours full of energy, fun and excitement. Don’t be surprised if your guests are all praise and compliments for the awesome and energetic performances!

The professionals at BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY make customized performances for you on your choice of songs too. You can book Bollywood dancers to provide you group or private dance lessons too. They are always happy to contribute in making your big day a big hit and talk of the town amongst guests.