Bollywood Fitness Class- Where Fitness and Fun Come Together!

Ever thought fitness and fun could happen together? Most people find fitness classes to be hectic and boring which is why they discontinue lessons after a short while. Unlike your usual fitness class, BollyArts Dance Studio offers exciting Bollywood fitness classes that not only keep you fit, but are fun too, thanks to the amazing set of dance numbers!

What’s Different at BollyArts Studio in NY?

While most people go to a fitness class that is all cardio with rigorous workout regimes and instructors that are tough on you, the atmosphere at BollyArts is something that out of the ordinary.  You don’t get to experience an ordinary fitness class but something that is fun, motivating and keeps you going to get fitter and better while dancing to the most upbeat music tunes from Bollywood.

What’s in a Bollywood Fitness Class?

The Bollywood fitness class is for both adults and children that combines elements from; cardio, aerobics and yoga in the dance techniques. The dance steps on the exciting Bollywood dance numbers blend with a balance of workout that keeps you fit and happy. The fitness curriculum is designed to keep a healthy interval between dance workouts to encourage participants to continue the classes for longer periods. You not only have fun dancing but also shed some unwanted calories. It’s just the perfect balance of fitness and fun; what more can we say?! The energy in the class is infectious!

ZUMBA Dance Lessons for Fitness

ZUMBA dance is a complete body workout that keeps you on your toes while making you lose some weight. ZUMBA brings together music tunes from across different genres and continents which makes it even more enthralling! The dynamic choreography and intense total body workout in the ZUMBA fitness class keeps you coming back for more lessons.

Lessons from Dance Pros

The BollyArts dance lesson is no ordinary group dance class that you find at many places. When you enter the studio, you’re under the supervision of professional dancers who have years of experience on the dance floor, plenty of accolades on their sleeves and handful of tutorial classes to be proud of. You learn new dance steps, music tunes, and learn how to improvise and create your own moves and let loose – it’s all about going all out and dancing with your soul.

BollyArts is proud to offer group dance classes and private dance classes in NY for everyone who is all geared up to move their booty to the exciting tunes of Bollywood songs and get the party going!