5 Travel Destinations for Dance Lovers

Dance is a beautiful form of expressing your feelings, emotions and mood. It’s a universal language that speaks of love, happiness and unites cultures and countries. If you’re a dance enthusiast or someone who wants to learn about dancing, then there is nothing better than taking a vacation to the destinations that are famous for their special forms dance. Here are some of the top dance destinations for you to try this year, it’s surely going to be a fun and enthralling experience!

Belly Dance –  Turkey/Middle East

Belly dance has its roots in the Middle East. With time, its popularity has expanded across the globe especially Turkey, where dance lovers can learn belly dance and enjoy watching the dances too. The typical belly dance attire is very attractive amongst women with glittery clothing and fancy veils. The Grand Bazaar in Turkey is a great place to visit to get some belly dance costumes if you want to get the real feel of belly dancing while on the floor.

Bollywood Dance – India

Bollywood dance is the most vibrant, fun and exciting of dance styles that originate from India. India is a country rich in dance and culture. It is more so since dance is an essential part of the most widely practiced religion in India, Hinduism. Bollywood dance originates from dance styles in Bollywood movies that are becoming super popular across the globe. At BollyArts studio in NY, Bollywood dance classes are offered for kids and adults alike!

Jig – Ireland

An Irish folk dance, the jig has become popular in Ireland and Scotland. There are various types of jigs; light jigs, single jigs, double jigs, etc. The dance is a popular one and is performed mostly at the end of theatrical plays. A jig dance is quite fast, and sometimes a performance combines two different types of jigs; one after the other without a break. Visit Ireland to experience the joy of watching the dancers perform jig at the country of its origin!

Moonwalk – USA

Moonwalk is one of the most popular dance styles originated in USA and became popular as Michael Jackson, one of the most famous popstars adopted it as his signature dance style. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan and want to learn the awesome moonwalk dance moves, then head straight to a dance studio near you. This technique involves one flat foot to slide backward while with the other foot you tip tie backwards.

Waltz – Austria

Waltz is Austria’s signature dance style and is super popular in the biggest balls held in the Opera House. The balls are open to public but the trick is to get the tickets as fast as you can because they sell like hot cakes! If you fancy Waltz dance style, then it’s a good idea to head to Vienna, Austria to try some dance school and learn the dance from where it has originated.

BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY offers a huge variety of dance classes throughout the year for all ages. At BollyArts, we understand your passion for dancing so offer only the best dance instructors who lead these classes and get you moving to the best of your abilities for a rocking dance performance.

Bollywood Divas and Their Best Kept Fitness Secrets Revealed!

Bollywood Divas and Their Best Kept Fitness Secrets Revealed

It’s not just the actors at Bollywood who love to spend hours in the gym to stay fit, but it’s the actresses too! Just like their male counterparts, Bollywood divas take personal fitness very seriously and stick to a strict health and fitness regime to maintain the fit look and flaunt their sculpted bodies!

Bipasha Basu

The secret behind Bipasha’s perfectly toned body is her love for high intensity workout! She is a regular at kickboxing which is her favorite sports activity.  Her kick and punch routine has allowed her to get a fine and fit body. She’s got everyone on the kickboxing bandwagon – actresses like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have been taking lessons for the same!

Lara Dutta

The former Miss Universe is now in her mid-30s and a mum of one, but still has the most chiseled and toned body! She has continued her journey to fitness and is yoga practitioner for over a decade. She continues to practice yoga and has her own fitness DVD too!

Priyanka Chopra

The Mary Kom actress took the entire B-town with a storm with her fittest body! As her role in Mary Kom required her to achieve the fittest level of fitness, Priyanka went under high intensity physical training to match the fitness level of the character she had to portray – and she did do it wonderfully! This fit and fabulous actress has been known to have taken up other cool martial arts such as parkour, as well!

Deepika Padukone

This B-town beauty has years of association with active sports. Early on, Deepika was an avid badminton player and then later got training under Yasmin Karachiwala who introduced her to strength training and yoga. She’s also a great dancer and has learned multiple dance forms including jazz and kathak and is an expert at these two dance forms!

Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika has been winning hearts with her stunning to-die-for figure and her electrifying dance moves! A mother of two, she has always kept in shape through her fitness regimen that includes cardio and aerobics. Just like Bipasha, our “Munni” also goes takes kickboxing classes and includes hip-hop dance in her fitness workout too! No wonder she’s one of the fittest B-town beauties and always a stunner on the dance floor!

At BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY, we offer dance lessons for hip-hop, kathak, Bollywood bhangra and Bollywood fitness too! Register yourself today for our summer classes or fall schedule classes to get fitter and leaner just like some of the fit and fabulous Bollywood divas!

Add Some Masala – Hire Bollywood Dancers for a Fiery NY Wedding

Weddings are all about, fun, dance and celebrating your special day with your loved ones! To add an extra flavor to all the wedding festivities, hire Bollywood dancers in NY! And why shouldn’t you? Bollywood dancers are truly trained to give the fieriest performances on stage that you and your guests would love to talk about and remember for a lifetime!

Some Masala – Some Magic!

Professional Bollywood dancers are expert at various dance styles and some amazing dance routines, so they can create some mesmerizing dance numbers or you and your loved ones to perform on your wedding. Whether it’s a medley of dance numbers for you sangeet or mehndi events, or the first couple dance for your wedding reception,  Bollywood dancers at BollyArts studio can make it all perfect and smooth for you!

Flash Mobs for a Fiery Performance!

Bollywood dancers at BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY offer the most exciting ways to make your wedding memorable. Don’t want to go too mainstream with dance performances? We’ve got the perfect thing for you – flash mobs! Our dancers can give your event an added touch of excitement with jaw-dropping flash mob performance that will be a total surprise for you guests!

Rock the Dance Floor

With Bollywood dancers, we also provide DJs who can mix music to create the most enthralling Bollywood dance music that will give you and your guests and adrenalin rush! The exciting and high beat music from the DJ works seamlessly to provide entertainment to guests and hosts alike for hours at end.

Professionalism and Expertise

Hire Bollywood dancers and you won’t be disappointed with subpar performances because all our dancers are trained and expert in their field. From kathak, Bollywood bhangra, belly dance, Bollywood dance and more! Our dancers are nothing short of giving excellence and flawless dance performances.

Energy, Excitement and Entertainment!

The name Bollywood entertainment strongly reflects the Indian cinema and its vibrant color themes. The same energy and zeal is reflected in the Bollywood dance performances, whether at parties or weddings! Celebrate your wedding and make your special day more memorable with the most exciting dance routines from Bollywood dancers.

Let the Party Begin!!!

Hire Bollywood dancers to make the wedding reception party EXCITING and ENTERTAINING!  We’ve got everything you need – dancers, costumes, DJs, dance floors and just the right match of songs to match your taste of music and dance!

Check out our Bollywood dance classes too and private choreography classes for first dance practices and group dances! We guarantee you’ll enjoy being part of the BollyArts Family!