Add Some Masala – Hire Bollywood Dancers for a Fiery NY Wedding

Weddings are all about, fun, dance and celebrating your special day with your loved ones! To add an extra flavor to all the wedding festivities, hire Bollywood dancers in NY! And why shouldn’t you? Bollywood dancers are truly trained to give the fieriest performances on stage that you and your guests would love to talk about and remember for a lifetime!

Some Masala – Some Magic!

Professional Bollywood dancers are expert at various dance styles and some amazing dance routines, so they can create some mesmerizing dance numbers or you and your loved ones to perform on your wedding. Whether it’s a medley of dance numbers for you sangeet or mehndi events, or the first couple dance for your wedding reception,  Bollywood dancers at BollyArts studio can make it all perfect and smooth for you!

Flash Mobs for a Fiery Performance!

Bollywood dancers at BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY offer the most exciting ways to make your wedding memorable. Don’t want to go too mainstream with dance performances? We’ve got the perfect thing for you – flash mobs! Our dancers can give your event an added touch of excitement with jaw-dropping flash mob performance that will be a total surprise for you guests!

Rock the Dance Floor

With Bollywood dancers, we also provide DJs who can mix music to create the most enthralling Bollywood dance music that will give you and your guests and adrenalin rush! The exciting and high beat music from the DJ works seamlessly to provide entertainment to guests and hosts alike for hours at end.

Professionalism and Expertise

Hire Bollywood dancers and you won’t be disappointed with subpar performances because all our dancers are trained and expert in their field. From kathak, Bollywood bhangra, belly dance, Bollywood dance and more! Our dancers are nothing short of giving excellence and flawless dance performances.

Energy, Excitement and Entertainment!

The name Bollywood entertainment strongly reflects the Indian cinema and its vibrant color themes. The same energy and zeal is reflected in the Bollywood dance performances, whether at parties or weddings! Celebrate your wedding and make your special day more memorable with the most exciting dance routines from Bollywood dancers.

Let the Party Begin!!!

Hire Bollywood dancers to make the wedding reception party EXCITING and ENTERTAINING!  We’ve got everything you need – dancers, costumes, DJs, dance floors and just the right match of songs to match your taste of music and dance!

Check out our Bollywood dance classes too and private choreography classes for first dance practices and group dances! We guarantee you’ll enjoy being part of the BollyArts Family!