Dance Costume Rentals – Own the Dance Floor at the Next Dance Party

Is it time to hit the dance floor and start moving? Are you planning a rocking Bollywood theme party with friends? Then you’ve got to make sure you wear the right clothes that give you the freedom, comfort and the ease so you can go all out and give a jaw dropping performance!

Choosing a Costume That’s Right for You

If you’ve been rehearsing and dancing for a long time for a party or a special occasion, it’s important to ensure that you wear the jazziest yet the most comfortable costume to ensure you can give your best performance. A costume that fits the theme is equally important. For e.g., for a ballet performance, it’s inappropriate to wear clothing for Yogalates or a casual outfit for a hip-hop recital.

Belly Dance

With its origins from the Middle Eastern part of the world, a typical belly dance performance involves rhythmic movements of the core and creating sensual body movements on exotic music beats. Since its place of origin, the dress used in this style of performing art too is also very eastern, with a fancy skirt and a short crop top. These dresses are nowhere near simple; they are fancy, flashy, and full of ornaments and accessories.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is the most popular type of street dance; it’s making raves amongst teenagers and young adults. Since hip-hop is very casual and street style, there’s not much that you have to spend on clothing and attire. All you need is a good sports bra, a pair of comfortable footwear i.e. sneakers, and a comfortable track suit – jeans or the like. Everyday comfortable clothing is what works best for a seamless hip-hop party performance.

Bollywood Bhangra

Bollywood Bhangra comes from India and the costumes reflect the same. Performers wear vibrant, and flamboyant clothing that reflects the rich Punjabi culture. Women wear long kurta with ­baggy ­salwar that is tight on the ankles. They also wear chunni or dupatta that is wrapped around the neck. Men on the other hand wear lungi/chaadar around the waist and long kurtas. All these dresses and parts of the dresses are bright colored and look beautiful during a Bollywood Bhangra recital.


Kathak is a traditional Indian folk dance. With its origins rooting hundreds of years ago, a typical Kathak dress is also very eastern and Indian. Kathak danseurs wear ­chooridaar pajamas that are like tights, and wear a frock like long shirt called angarkha with a lot of flare. All the Kathak outfits are beautifully designed with attractive color combinations and stunning jewelry and accessories are also a vital part of the get-up.

At BollyArts in Hicksville, New York, we offer a variety of dance costume rentals including casuals clothing for street style performances to traditional Indian dresses for Kathak, Bollywood Bhangra and more. Costume rentals work great for performers who want to get all fashioned up in the best clothes for their recital without investing too much. Avail the costume rental service at BollyArts, wear the most glamorous outfits and give the most smashing performance at any party!

Private Dance Classes in NY Prepare You to Rock Your Next Event!

Do you want to prepare for your next big event? A wedding? A show? A party? A special event? Whether it’s a wedding, or any other celebration, individual classes in NY at BollyArts can get you in the form and help you rock the dance floor on the special occasion!

Private choreography classes are great for people who feel comfortable practicing individually rather than in groups. This allows them to freely learn, practice and improve their dance skills. Our professional instructors at BollyArts help boost your confidence so you learn to let go and dance still you drop.

What do you learn?

At BollyArts, we offer a variety of choreography lessons; from hip hop to Bhangra and ballet to Kathak for beginners and advanced levels both. We teach you the type of dance style you want to learn from our skilled instructors. Whether it’s a full fledge performance on multiple songs, or a short performance, BollyArts is where you need to go!

A typical private choreography session

Dance lessons are fun sessions where you get to learn new steps from a skilled instructor with years of experience. In every class, you learn a new step, practice the old ones, and learn to infuse different steps to create a mesmerizing performance. The regular practice helps you hone your skills and polish your performance. Our qualified instructors also encourage you to improvise and create your own style that adds a zing to the performance.

Personalized learning experience

While group recitals are also a great option for passionate ballerinas, an instructor cannot always offer complete attention to each participant. Therefore, a one to one class is where you can get individual attention which helps you master the art of a certain performing style. The personalized learning experience is also beneficial for those individuals who are shy or do not perform to full potential in a group setting. A one to one setting also allows the instructor to focus fully on the student and teach the dance enthusiast some of the most amazing party techniques.

Lessons that transform you

Joining a choreography class can transform your skills and style drastically as you to sway on the dance floor under the instruction of expert performers. Also, you get to practice various rave routines that can assist you to choreograph for competitions, solo performances and group performances too. These lessons not only benefit individuals who want to practice for a competition or a party, but also plays a vital role if you take up dancing as a major in your higher studies.

So whether its passion to move to different music notes or you want to rock your next event private choreography classes in NY at BollyArts are nothing but the best thing for you!  Check out our schedule for first couple dances, party technique, skits and short performances for weddings or anniversaries or lessons for beginners. BollyArts is one place that offers everything that is fun, entertaining and exciting!