BollyArts Private Choreography Student Wins the Ms. Teen India Award!

BollyArts Private Choreography StudentWith every accomplishment added to the BollyArts name, we feel honored, excited and elated! Recently, our private choreography student, Karishma Malhotra, won the Ms Teen India New York 2014 Award! The award comes after thorough and successful private choreography classes under the instructorship of Zol, BollyArts’ highly acclaimed dance teacher!

With years of experience on his sleeves and some outstanding international dance performances, Zol has been sharing his dance knowledge and expertise with BollyArts to dance students. This is not the first achievement for Zol, but a part of a long string of accolades in his career as a dancing instructor that his student has fetched an award.

Karishma Malhotra is one of the most talented students BollyArts has ever seen; her two awards for Miss Talented and Ms. Teen India New York 2014, say it all! Karishma took private choreography classes from Zol who guided her each step of the way to learn, practice and strive to get better at dancing.

The private dance lessons at BollyArts are highly sought after and created to meet your specialized needs. From one to one dance practice sessions, learning party technique, your first couple dance, or just one dance style that you want to learn, BollyArts offers it all.

Here’s what Karishma’s mother has to say about Zol, the dance expert and his dance lessons:

Zol Thank you so much for allll your efforts!! She won the title and moreover
she also won the Miss Talented since her dance was the best!!!
Thank u so much again…We both really appreciate your help!!!!

The amazing feedback from Karishma’s mother gives us the surety that at BollyArts, we have the best teachers who have all the ability to bring out the best in you! Our goal is to spread the passion of dance across continents and teach this beautiful art to all dance enthusiasts!

BollyArts not only hold dance sessions, but also offers a huge variety of dance costume rentals for students of Bhangra and Belly Dance. We also offer Bollywood fitness classes for adults and children, because we believe Bollywood is bigger than just music, it is a whole institution that helps you perfect your dance skills and every times gives us something to learn that is fresh, new and innovative!

From hip-hop to Bhangra, and Belly Dance to Kathak, we’ve got it all at the BollyArts Studio in New York! With this amazing achievement of our Private Choreography students, we assure you this is one of the many that are to come in the future! Here’s to Karishma, the talented teen, Zol the expert dance instructor, and all the BollyArts fans for the support for making it one of the top favorite dance studios in New York! Cheers!

Do you want to see yourself on the pendulum with a crown? Join the BollyArts dance classes today! For more details, get in touch with us through the contact tab! See you on the dance floor!