Dance Lovers Unite – Dance Classes in NY for All

Have you ever suddenly noticed yourself moving your feet to a music beat as soon as you hear it? Do you love to dance? Have you found yourself dancing around your home on random occasions? Have you always the one to host dance parties? If yes, then BollyArts has some amazing offers for you!

If you’re a dance lover and want to learn new and fresh dance steps and styles, then BollyArts Dance Studio in NY is the place to be! Here’s what’s great about taking dance classes at BollyArts:

1. Professional Dancers under One Roof

When you join the dance classes at BollyArts, you take classes that are led by dance professionals who have buckets of dance experience from around the world. They are skilled dancers who have been through rigorous training and have won accolades and dance competitions in different continents. So you get trained by the best and can strengthen your love for dance even more or may be even become a professional yourself!

2. Variety of Dance Classes

Whether you are interested in Kathak, Hi-Hop, Salsa, Bollywood, Bhangra or party technique, we’ve got it all for you! You can choose from a variety of dance classes and get your booty moving on exciting music beats from across the world.

3. Fitness and Fun

The BollyArts studio not only offers dance classes for fun and for the love of dance, but for fitness too! The more you dance, the fitter you are and get a toned body that is sure to make you feel great about yourself! Bollywood fitness classes, a great combination of fitness and fun, with cardio and upbeat music, are the way to go for dance lovers!

4. Adults and Kids Dance Together

Do you love dance but don’t want to join a class because you’re a parent of a little one? Then worry not, because BollyArts offers dance classes where parents and kids dance together on fun and exciting music beats. This is also a great way to bond with your little one and spend time together. So you get double benefit – do what you love and have your kids involved in it too!

5. Professional Training

If you think you have the knack for it and want to become a professional dancer, the dance classes at BollyArts class are the best option for you. These classes do not only help you learn new steps, but also help you learn the attitude, aptitude and the energy you need to become a professional dancer.

So dance lovers unite! BollyArts offers classes for adults and kids, young and old – there’s only one thing we require from you – the love for dance and fun!