BOLLYARTS Dance Summer Special for Kids & Teens

Two months of summer can be like two years, unless you spend it vacationing. While many families do head out and make vacation plans for summer every year, many plan to stay home.  BollyArts Dance Studio in NY offers dance classes for all the little ones and teenagers so they can get busy and keep healthy during the summers.

What’s in the Dance Summer Special Classes?

The BollyArts Summer Special for Kids and Teens is designed to help children keep fit, kick away stress and keep them engaged in different dance activities. The 8 week program offers dance classes of 3 different genres; Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and Bhangra. The variety of dance classes are offered to keep the kids interested with variety.

Bollywood DanceBollywood dance class is all about colorful music and upbeat dance steps with a hint of Bhangra, hip-hop, salsa and a few other dance genres around the globe to create a well blended Bollywood dance style.  Dancing the Bollywood way and learning new dance techniques keeps you fit and healthy throughout the summer. Our expert Bollywood dancers at BollyArts are all set to lead the dance classes for teens and kids and teach them new and exciting dance steps.

Bhangra DanceBhangra dance, the ultimate folk dance style from India is one with the most amazing tunes and traditional dance steps that keep you going on the dance stage. It’s a great cardio exercise too so is a great way to keep the kids active and energetic. Another great thing about Bollywood Bhangra is that there is zero chance of boredom in it; there’s a lot of room to improvise!

Hip-Hop DanceHip-hop is a world famous dance style originating from the narrow streets of New York City. The students in this class learn the art of popping, locking and break dancing. This style is a favorite amongst teens and kids who have love for great music and dance.

Come Join the 8-Week Summer Special – 1 Class a Week for $99 ONLY for the ENTIRE SUMMER!

The Dance Summer Special for Teens and Kids is all about fun, entertainment and a lot of excitement! The dance class is all fun for 8 long weeks, from July 6th, 2014 to August 30th 2014. Here are the details:

1 Class a Week for $99 USD ONLY! Or 2 or More Classes for $199 USD ONLY!  

Register for the Summer Special Dance Class today for a super speedy and awesome summer! Call us today at Office: 516-933-2787 or Cell: 516-343-9400 for further registration details.

So are you ready for some fun and excitement?