Dance Keeps Kids Active & Healthy during Winters

Winters are the time when you tend to get lazy and want to snuggle up inside a thick quilt with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or hot chocolate. It is then that you’re likely to put on some unwanted calories and become super lazy and inactive. To do away the winter blues and keep active, it is ideal to jump out of your comfortable couch and hit the dance floor.

Similarly, dance is even more beneficial for kids to keep them active and healthy during winters. Especially growing kids, have a lot of energy that needs to be channelized in the right direction in order to ensure they maintain good social behavior and are able to create healthy bonds with family and peers. Most often, children get restricted to indoors during winters which is why they may get bored and pester parents.

Keep away boredom

Bhangra, salsa, hip-hop, yoga or ZUMBA classes are a great way to keep children and teenagers engaged for a long time. The best thing about dancing is that it’s entertaining, exciting and there is no chance of boredom. It allows children to explore and express their feelings and redirect their energies to a positive and fun activity instead of tussles or fights.

Improved physical and mental health

Dance does not only keep you physically fit but can also help improve memory and promote feelings of happiness, joy and peace. Kids who participate in physical activities are said to be more alert and score high on academic tests. They have stronger bones and muscles, better balance and coordination too. Along with that, engaging in highly active activities like dancing boosts self-confidence, sense of achievement, improved social and cognitive skills as well. It turns out that staying active has multiple health benefits for children and adults alike.

Better relationship with parents and peers

Staying indoors and not staying active harms not only physical and mental health but can also result in poor relationships. Children who engage in activities that require intensive physical exercise and engaging with other people from similar age groups are tend to be happier and enjoy their time with parents, siblings, cousins and mates. They are less cranky, more confident, and more independent.

Dance Classes for Teens and Kids at BollyArts

At BollyArts, we understand how children love to move and tap their feet on entertaining music. Especially in winters, physical activity is important so a performing arts class during winters is the best bet to help them keep active, healthy and happy. Our facility is well equipped with the best amenities and the best instructors who put in all the energy in the class. Whether it’s hip-hop or Bollywood Bhangra, Bollywood fitness or salsa, we’ve got it all for the little ones and their parents too! Come join in the fun; move to the most enthralling and exciting music tunes and party with your kids like no one’s watching.