Why the Bollywood Bhangra Class at BollyArts is the Next Big Thing in NY?

Have you ever seen Bollywood movies and the amazing heart pumping dance moves and enthralling music? Have you ever felt like jumping into the TV screen to become part of the awesome dance number to show off your dance moves?! BollyArts Dance Studio in Hicksville, NY brings to you Bollywood Bhangra dance class that offers the most exciting dance routines!

What’s in the Class?

The Bollywood bhangra dance class incorporates bhangra that originates from Punjab, with some glimpses of Bollywood dance that is exciting, enthralling and colorful! Bollywood Bhangra class is great for everyone and anyone who wants to move to some exciting bhangra music and become active, healthy and fit!

The Bollywood bhangra dance class is a great learning experience for those who want to learn Bollywood bhangra dance as all our classes are led by professional dance instructors who have quite a few accolades to their names!

Fun Dance Routines!

The fast bhangra music gives you an adrenalin rush and adds more energy and excitement to the entire class. The dance routines are choreographed on a smashup of Bollywood songs, hip-hop, pop, and fast paced music. Whether you’re young or old, this dance routine can pump up some energy, help you learn some exciting dance moves, and even prepare you for a dance competition. Also, if you plan to take up a career in dancing, this can give you a good start!

Big Stress Buster!

Dance in general is a big stress buster, and with bhangra dance, it gets even better! Bid farewell to the sedentary, boring, dull and stressful life and dance your way to fitness. You’ll feel more energetic, happy, accomplished and feel better about yourself – and of course, a class means you’ll find others who share similar interests. We’re proud to say that we do not only offer dance classes, but offer you a platform to make new friendships too!

Why Should You Choose BollyArts?

BollyArts dance studio is equipped with the best facilities, including dance costume rentals and other facilities. Also, you get much more than just Bollywood bhangra dance classes! We have professional dance instructors who teach hip hop, ZUMBA, yogalates, Bollywood fitness, kathak and other folk dances too! With so much to offer, BollyArts has become one of the most popular places in NY for dance recitals and classes!

With so many stresses that life throws at you every day, it’s essential to get into an active routine. Dance, work out, exercise and other cardio workouts are what keep us going and BollyArts give us just that – an outlets to bust stress and live a happier, healthier and active life.