Hip-Hop Dance Classes – Nothing But Fun!

Hip hop uses the most upbeat tunes of music from different genres such as pop music and R&B with exciting and energy filled body movement. That coupled with the hottest dance moves from our hip hop choreographer, the class is nothing but fun at Bolly Arts dance studio. Whether its moves like popping, locking, breaking or just freestyle dance; the hip-hop dance class has all that and more in store for dance lovers and the fun loving souls!

Great Night Out

For many fun-loving people, “having a great night out” means dancing all night long. They let themselves loose for a while and forget about all the stresses and pressures of their daily lives.

Hip-hop is one of those dances that can make you feel awesome. It’s the kind of dance that people of all ages and cultures enjoy. Fortunately, hip-hop dancing is not only fun, but also a great form of exercise! So while you exercise, you have fun too! That’s the perfect combination for a healthy lifestyle!

Express Yourself to the Fullest

Like all other dances, hip-hop also allows you the freedom to express yourself. Unlike dances such as Jazz or Ballet, there’s no real name for every step, nor is there a syllabus which can be followed exactly. Hip-hop dance moves are all about; dynamics, rhythm, creativity, and looking cool. In short, there are no limits when it comes to hip-hop, so you have all the freedom to express yourself when dancing!

Whether you are a newbie at a dance class or already have friends in a class, hip-hop dance lessons are a great way to make more friends and meet new people with similar interests. Hip-hop dance classes do not have a stringent and dry atmosphere like modern theater or ballet. The experience is friendly and the environment is relaxed. So it’s less like a class and more like a dance party with new friends!

Bolly Arts dance studio has experienced hip hop dancers who teach you different hip hop dancing techniques such as popping, locking and breaking- and free style dance too, to encourage students to improvise and get creative with dance moves. Hip hop dance classes are fun, exciting and a great way to let yourself loose, relax and rock the dance floor your way. Bolly Arts dance studio in NY offers hip hop dance classes and Bollywood dance classes too for everyone, so join the fun and rule the dance floor.