Get Rolling with Hip Hop Dance Classes in NY

Hip hop dancing is a world favorite dance style. The enthralling dance moves on the most upbeat music create some zealous energy that brings another person to the forefront from inside you  – yes, it’s the dancer’s soul that pops out when he or she hits the dance moves and gets rolling on the music tunes. Hip-hop dance is easy, fun, and yet at the same time it gets a bit tricky to get the locking, popping and breaking done right.

While some dancers want to master a specific dance style, choosing a combination of dance style to learn can give you a great advantage. And knowing the hip-hope moves is what you need to rock the dance floor because everyone’s got their eyes on you when you’re doing a body roll!

BollyArts studio offers hip hop dance classes in NY, where you can learn all the amazing dance moves and get the audience to lock their eyes on you during a dance performance or at the club. No matter where you step onto the dance floor, you will only get a jaw-dropping applause!

Learn Some Electrifying Break Dancing Moves!

Break dancing is an important part of the hip hop dance style. It’s one style that is hard to master; dancers rigorously practice this style to fully have control over the rhythmic moves and music. It combines strength, balance and momentum of the body to perform it at the best. It’s caught a lot of attention in recent years and is the most raved about in young adults. Breaking, b-boying, or breakdancing involves various moves such as the Two Step, Headspin, Windmill, Jackhammer, Flow, etc.

And Some Locking Moves too!

Locking has become part of the hip-hop dance and is a very famous dance style. In a typical hip hop dance class you learn some basic locking moves too, such as the lock, the double lock, wrist twirls and more. Some of the steps are easier than others, but are fun to learn. While a beginner class may not include tough locking steps, it will touch upon some basic steps to introduce the dancers to the locking moves.

Not to Forget Popping!

Popping is one of the very popular hip hop dance styles. Nobody’s alien to the amazing moves of popping street dance.  The basic hip hop dance class is fun and exciting in the sense that dance enthusiasts learn some basic popping moves like scarecrow, old man, mime, wave, master flex, etc. The dance instructors ensure their best to introduce and demonstrate some introductory popping moves to incorporate them in the dance routine.

The best thing about these various dance moves within the hip hop dance style is the variety, diversity and the interesting combination of moves that dancers improvise and create new moves. The diversity and electrifying moves keep the interest high and keep you coming back to class every time!

At BollyArts Dance Studio we offer hip hop dance class in NY for all dance enthusiasts who want to get rolling and learn some fun dance moves! We’ve got some of the best dance instructors who can help you bring out the dancer in you!