From Hip-Hop to Bollywood – 10 Amazing Dance Styles Around the Globe

Dance is a language that needs no words. People around the world use it as an expression of happiness, grieving, excitement, depression, romance, energy and more. The expression of different feelings and emotions through dance can be found across countries, cultures and continents.

1.      Ballet

Ballet involves rhythmic, sensuous movements of the body that are mesmerizing for the audience. Professional ballerinas and danseurs practice daily to excel in their technique. This requires a lot of balance and rhythmic movements to pull off without flaws.

2.      Belly Dance

It has its origins in the Middle East. It involves sensuous and exotic movements of the belly, while synchronizing the mind with body movements. It’s popular in Arabia at weddings, parties and special occasions. Performers usually flaunt exotic dresses with beautiful ornaments while they move on traditional Middle Eastern music.

3.      Bollywood

Bollywood dance combines both the enthralling moves of Bollywood and some western styles like hip-hop, salsa, and some Hollywood style raves. The Bollywood style is a vibrant mix of different forms of dancing that leave the audiences mesmerized and energetic. It involves heart-pumping moves on amazing Bollywood music.

4.      Cossack

Cossack, Hopak or Gopak, is the official dance style of Ukraine and features some heart-pumping acrobatic moves that are exciting to look at and require a lot of technique and skill to perform. This usually performed by males as it involves rigorous and constant squatting. In recent years, many women have also started participating in Cossack performances.

5.      Hip-hop

Hip-hop has caught raves around the world in the young generation of today. It has become a big hit amongst teenagers and young adults. It has some exciting moves known as popping, breaking and locking. Hip-hop is an extremely popular form of dancing and is here to stay.

6.      Kabuki

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese drama style that has highly stylized performers who sway, twirl, and move playfully in coordination with each other to present a real life drama. Actors are highly dressed up with beautiful dresses and traditional Japanese ornaments and accessories. The earliest kabuki performances are recorded to be back 400 years ago.

7.      Kathak

With its origin deep-rooted in India, it is one of the most popular and widely acclaimed Indian forms of dancing. Initially, Kathak performers depicted the history of Hindu gods through highly coordinated performances. Today, Kathak has become a full fledge institution and comprises of beautiful rhythmic movements on classical music.

8.      Salsa

Salsa is widely popular and originated in New York, with heavy influence from Latin America. This dance style has spontaneous energetic moves that are flirtatious and fun. It is a heavily coordinated dance that has some elements of Swing Dancing too.

9.      Waltz

Initiated in the 16th century, Waltz involves two people who move together in slow, melodic and smooth movements. This style is more popular in the European and French region, where couples tap their feet on slow music with gliding movements, very close to each other. It is one of the most intimate styles of dancing.

10. Yangko Dance

Yangko is a Chinese folk dance that celebrates happiness and joy. The recital involves vivid gestures, happy smiles and a positive aura which is why it is one of the most preferred dance styles at any Chinese gathering. The dresses are bright in color, mostly orange and red. The moves are exuberant and reflect happiness, joy and celebration.

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