Bollywood Dance Fitness Classes NY

I’ll be brutally honest and first to admit that when it comes to dancing skills I have two left feet, but the skills are well and truly improving with constant hard work.

While there are people who only focus on fitness based dance classes similar to the aerobics classes of the 80s, the fact of the matter is that there is wide variety of options available these days, and it is a lot more exciting now.

Dance Styles

There are enough dance styles out there to suit just about every taste. Some of the more popular dance fitness styles are Zumbam Soul Sweet, CardioFunk and obviously Bolltywood with its high energy music which is found in its movies. If there is music that makes you want to move with the beat, then chances are high of it being built around a fitness class.


There are numerous benefits of fitness based dancing; you get to strengthen your muscles. However, the best part is you also get to enjoy the classes. Most people who start fitness training tend to give up after some time because they get bored but that is not the case with dance fitness classes. That’s the exact reason I suggest finding something that you enjoy doing, this is why you will stick to it for a much longer period if not forever.

Keep in mind that like other fitness based programs dance classes will not deliver head turning results, everything takes time and patience and dance fitness classes are not different. Participants have to move in different ways that they are not used to in dance classes. If you are not used to such movements then the chances are you will soar after first few classes, which is a good sign.

Getting started

Getting started with these classes is not too difficult. More than likely a community center or a local health club is offering these types of classes. Bollywood dance fitness classes have become so popular that studios are popping all over NY City.

These classes produce positive and healthy environment but there are still people who prefer to exercise at home because of time constraints. It can definitely be done at home too; the best way to see what suits you best is to do a search on Youtube. You will not find various styles of dances you will also find online classes, which you will be able to follow from your home.

Once you have decided to stick with your Bollywood fitness dance routine you can also go ahead and but DVDs but there is nothing like attending a class as the environment will always push you to do more and more which is always good.