Zumba Fitness Classes

ZUMBA is a type of fun and exciting workout where you move your body to different songs and dance tunes. It is not like aerobics and yoga that have routine steps and can get boring with time. It’s a perfect mix of fitness and entertainment. The exciting dance tunes and fun dance steps in ZUMBA get you moving for as long as you can go, without a moment of boredom!

ZUMBA is a complete body workout that includes high and low tunes, that increase your pulse rate, while the enthralling dance tunes give you an adrenalin rush and an energy boost that you just don’t want to stop! BollyArts offers ZUMBA classes for all ages, because there is no age limit for anyone who wants to enjoy a dance party, have fun and loose those devilish pounds at the same time!

With our expert ZUMBA expert in the lead, you follow the movements and directions, sweat til you can keep a balance and have fun! We love our ZUMBA dance parties because you can dress in your casual pajamas and t-shirt or a tank top, and join the fun. The only two good things you need are a pair of comfortable sneakers and for the ladies, a nicely fitted sports bra!

The ZUMBA dance party at BollyArts Studio is fun and full of life, with different Bollywood tunes and other tunes adjusted to the ZUMBA cardio steps. The 60 minutes of ZUMBA each week can be uplifting, thrilling and fun; and that’s exactly what keeps you coming back for more!

Call us today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to join the ZUMBA dance classes at BollyArts Studio in Hicksville.