Pilates Classes In New York

At BollyArts, it’s about dance, fun, and good health. The local Pilates class is for fitness lovers and people who want to lose weight and look great. Pilates is effective for all women and men of all ages. All the equipment you need to become part of the Pilates class is a Pilate’s mat.

This exercise is designed to strengthen you internally, improve balance and wellbeing. It is extremely beneficial to ease back pain, strengthen abs and the pelvic muscles. Pilates is also beneficial for pregnant women. Prenatal and post natal Pilates sessions benefit pregnant women and new moms to ease labor strengthen their abdomen and pelvic muscles. The positions in this type of exercise improve your balance, breathing and help to relax the mind.

Pilates classes at our dance studio in Hicksville, New York are just what you need to de-stress and regain your strength to improve your personal and professional life. Regular Pilates allows your body to relax and rejuvenate, which helps you deal with every day stresses without panicking or losing your mind.

The best thing about this mind and body soothing exercise is that it also gives you inner peace and self awareness. It uses muscles that you may not be aware of before. That’s what makes it exciting, and something you look forward to after each session.

Our qualified Pilates instructors assist you through the class to strengthen your muscles, build stamina, improve body and mind awareness, and feel healthy and fit.

Call today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to register for Pilates Classes or join dance lessons at BollyArts Studio in Hicksville, New York.