Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Hip hop dance class is the most exciting dance class at BollyArts dance studio in Hicksville. Students learn a variety of hip hop dance techniques the include breaking, popping, locking and dancing to the most upbeat tunes from hip hop, R&B, and pop music. The combination of music tunes gives the dance class extra energy and vitality.

Hip-hop dance classes are one of the most popular and busy classes at BollyArts. Young adults are the most eager and passionate about learning hip hop dance. Our hip hop dance teachers Archana Philips and Godfrey Elder are expert in their fields. Students get to learn new dance techniques and party technique from these hip-hop dance gurus at BollyArts Dance Studio.

Our dance teachers have performed at both national and international dance competitions and have given flawless performances. With so much experience in their bag, Archana and Godfrey introduce you to the basics of hip hop and practice with you so you can improve and get better at breaking, popping and locking!

This street dance style is one of the most famous dance styles in the modern world. Unlike belly dancing, and few other dance styles, hip hop allows you to improvise and come up with your own moves, which can be very exciting for students. So when you enter the studio for a hip hop dance class, you’re not only a student, but you can be an inspiration for others to take a step forward and come up with new ways of popping, breaking and locking.

We guarantee that our teachers are expert and know the right way of dancing to this style, and we guarantee that you will have fun!

Call today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to register for a Hip Hop Dance Class at Bolly Arts Studio in Hicksville, New York.