Yoga Classes

Originally, yoga has its roots in India, and is about regaining inner peace through focus and concentration. Yoga is the art of creating harmony between the mind and body to enhance the experience of self. Yoga primarily involves directing all your energy towards the center of your mind, meditate and absorb positive energy and clear the senses.

Yoga is said to be beneficial for various health problems such as backaches, migraines, heart problems, asthma and even for pregnant women. Yoga helps to release stress, anxiety depression, enhances self awareness, and enables you to gain balance of your senses and body.

At BollyArts, our qualified yoga instructor helps children, young and the old practice yoga to release stress and gain confidence and self awareness. The right positions in yoga can help you become more active and clear your brain of negative energy.

Our yoga classes are fun, relaxing and the perfect therapy for distressing without any medicines or drugs. Join our yoga class, practice yoga and meet new people. Make friends, share your life with others and learn the art of letting go to gain power.

BollyArts studio in NY offers yoga classes for all age groups from little kids to senior citizens. The classes are on flexible days and timings, so you can easily choose which one suit you best. Moms can bring their children and practice yoga together. Together you can earn happiness and let go of all the stresses!

Call today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to register for Yoga Classes at BollyArts Studio in Hicksville.