Dance Like a Bollywood Star

Dance Like a Star

Dancing has always been a great way to entertain guests at major events that is the reason people hire professional dancers. Watching dancers strut their stuff has become a major form of entertainment these days. Seeing dancers doing their energetic … Continue reading

Bollywood Dance Fitness Classes NY


I’ll be brutally honest and first to admit that when it comes to dancing skills I have two left feet, but the skills are well and truly improving with constant hard work. While there are people who only focus on … Continue reading

Best Dance Choreographers in Bollywood

Dance Choreographers of Bollywood

Bollywood! One of the largest centers of film production in the world is considered toneless without the electrifying moves of traditional Indian dance. The world of entertainment has witnessed an impressive signature style of Bollywood due to its own combination … Continue reading

Why You Should Hire Bollywood Dancers For Your Wedding


Plenty of TV shows give viewers the impression that anyone can dance, but this performing art takes a long time to perfect.  Bollywood dancing is one of many examples of dancing that takes years to master, and can easily wow … Continue reading