Dance Costume Rentals – Own the Dance Floor at the Next Dance Party

Dance Costume Rentals

Is it time to hit the dance floor and start moving? Are you planning a rocking Bollywood theme party with friends? Then you’ve got to make sure you wear the right clothes that give you the freedom, comfort and the … Continue reading

Private Dance Classes in NY Prepare You to Rock Your Next Event!

Private Dance Classes in NY

Do you want to prepare for your next big event? A wedding? A show? A party? A special event? Whether it’s a wedding, or any other celebration, individual classes in NY at BollyArts can get you in the form and … Continue reading

The Right Dance Costume Give You the Spark to Dance in Full Swing

Dance helps you express what you cannot say in words. It’s a source of relaxation and achieving peace and tranquility through harmony of the mind and body. While dancing is what brings out your soul in the gentle rhythmic movements, … Continue reading

Role of Dance in Raising Smart Children

Amidst the smarter technologies available today, parents are losing ways and solutions to raise innovative, sharp and shrewd children. Where many believe that exposing children to tablets and smart phones at early ages will help in raising intelligent and tech-savvy … Continue reading

Bollywood’s Best Male Actors Who Give the Most Electrifying Dance Performances

Bollywood is all about bright colors, excitement, fun, amazing music, exaggerated dialogues and dance moves that will keep you glued! Bollywood’s larger focus is on dance and music. The Indian film industry, Bollywood has produced some amazing actors who dance … Continue reading

Get Rolling with Hip Hop Dance Classes in NY

Hip hop dancing is a world favorite dance style. The enthralling dance moves on the most upbeat music create some zealous energy that brings another person to the forefront from inside you  – yes, it’s the dancer’s soul that pops … Continue reading

BollyArts Private Choreography Student Wins the Ms. Teen India Award!

With every accomplishment added to the BollyArts name, we feel honored, excited and elated! Recently, our private choreography student, Karishma Malhotra, won the Ms Teen India New York 2014 Award! The award comes after thorough and successful private choreography classes … Continue reading

5 Things to Learn from Top Dancers of Bollywood

Bollywood is known for its vitality, energy, upbeat music and all things fun. The same goes for Bollywood dancers; they’re zealous, reflect positive energy and are full of life and give jaw-dropping performances on stage dancing on the most exciting … Continue reading

Bollywood Fitness Class- Where Fitness and Fun Come Together!

Ever thought fitness and fun could happen together? Most people find fitness classes to be hectic and boring which is why they discontinue lessons after a short while. Unlike your usual fitness class, BollyArts Dance Studio offers exciting Bollywood fitness … Continue reading

Dance Lovers Unite – Dance Classes in NY for All

Have you ever suddenly noticed yourself moving your feet to a music beat as soon as you hear it? Do you love to dance? Have you found yourself dancing around your home on random occasions? Have you always the one … Continue reading