Bhangra Dance Lessons

Bhangra has its roots in India and is one of the most vibrant dance styles around the globe. Bhangra dance tunes are colorful, upbeat, fun and are sure to give you an adrenalin rush! The dance lessons for bhangra at BollyArts Dance Studio in NY are pretty much the same – you just can’t get bored in the hour long class!

A combination of traditional and contemporary folk dance, bhangra dance is like a rainbow, full of various happy dance steps that are easy to learn as compared to other dances styles. Bhangra performances are very popular in Indian weddings and other special occasions too. This high-beat dance style is the type of dance that everyone from the young to the old enjoys a lot.

BollyArts Dance Studio has refined and qualified dancers who have many accolades from national and international performances on their sleeves! Therefore, this dance class at BollyArts is not your ordinary dance class, but one that teaches you the refined techniques of bhangra dance.

This dance class is just the right thing for you, it’s fun and lively, if you have a passion for this folk dance and want to learn to be a professional. In addition, the bhangra class is a great opportunity to have fun; get rid of distress, relax, and keep positivity in life. The powerful body movements in bhangra dance keep you active and on your toes for 60 long minutes in each lesson, which help you stay fit and healthy, glowing and positive.

We also offer private dance lessons for students who want to practice individually. You can also hire Bollywood dancers who can choreograph a jaw-dropping dance number for your special occasion.

Call today at 516-933-2787 if you would like to register for Bhangra Dance Lessons at BollyArts Studio in Hicksville, New York.